Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Prayer To Our Lord Of Pardon

Prayer tPrayer to the Lord of Pardon

My Lord Jesus Christ, remember that I am a sinner.
Most Holy Virgin, pray for me.
You shall always be praised and blessed.
Pray for this sinner to your beloved son, precious beauty of the angels, the prophets and patriarchs,
crown of the martyrs, apostles and confessors, glory of the seraphs, crown of the virgins, save me from the most fearful figure of the demon when my soul departs from my body.
Oh most holy fount of piety, and beauty of Jesus Christ, joy of the heaven, consolation of the clergy, remedy in our works with you virgin most prudent, the angels are happy.
Recommend my soul and the souls of all.
Pray for us to your blessed son,and take us to the eternal paradise where you reign and live forever, and there we will venerate you eternally, amen Jesus.
Sovereign Virgin Mary, mother of the living God, because you have delivered him, pray for all the sinners so that he may pardon us.
Save us from the wicked enemy that is fighting us and grant us the eternal glory.
Blessed be forever the sacred passion and death of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Jesus, Mary and Joseph, we love you, save souls. Amen.
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